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Whether it’s your new venture or an existing one, at Platomar for outdoor advertising you will find the best of customized marketing solutions that are thoughtfully planned to suit all your business needs.



Through Platomar’s Digital Ad Campaign (DAC) Monitoring Tool, you can track and evaluate the outdoor media marketing performance of our campaign and assess results for a prospective growth of your business.



Avail our outdoor media marketing services and give your brand great customers reach. At Platomar, we follow advance strategies to promote your business and reach your target audience.


Marketing Tool/Calculator

Is deciding how much to invest on your business, website and advertising a bit difficult? Also, your marketing budget for the next year will have to be planned for allowing your business to grow without any hindrance. Even though conscientious decisions are taken, but how do you know whether those decisions are right or wrong?

Luckily enough, our marketing calculator is here to give you a quick, easy and absolutely FREE way to help you calculate your marketing budget. After selecting the following parameters as your total projected revenue, the type of business, whether it is product based or service based, etc. we’ll suggest the amount you should spend on marketing. Thus, in the end, your outdoor advertising budget will appear before you to help give your business significant growth.


Digital Marketing Tool

Do you know what your digital marketing budget entails? Well, if you are unsure, then we can help you figure out what will best suit your business needs. As a competent advertisement agency in Delhi, we do understand that every company is different and has different needs. So here’s a simple tool to help you plan your digital marketing budget.

The template is quite simple where you need to select the right options, such as type of your company, target market, your total annual revenue (in millions) and time period (in months). Then click on ‘Apply’ button to see the estimated budget right before your eyes! So go ahead and determine how much you should be investing.


Media Selection Tool

Since digital and social media landscape is constantly evolving in the manner consumers use media and gain product knowledge – choosing the right media industry for your business advertising becomes very crucial. So here we are to make things easier for you !

You can use our Media Selection Tool by giving your input according to the questions being asked here, such as type of your company (B2B or B2C), whether it is product based or service based, who is your target audience, what is your target market, etc. Then you should also select your monthly budget to help us in making the best media selection. Based on your target audience, your services/products and promotional schemes – some specific media types may help leverage your marketing campaign in a better way and thus offer a promising prospect of success.


Distribution Ad Campaign (DAC) Monitoring Tool

Platomar’s DAC Monitoring Tool helps tracking the distribution campaign for any media type. Thus, empowering advertisers to get actionable metrics from business outdoor advertising campaign, check efficacy, compare outcomes and take decisions to optimize the campaign for getting fruitful results at the most competitive rates possible.


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