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Descriptions :

OOH advertising is a form of outdoor marketing and advertising in which a brand or an ad agency wants to reach its target audience when they are on-the-go i.e. in transit from one place to another. The scale, viewability and effect of outdoor media and advertising make it a favourite means of brand promotion or business advertising for outdoor advertising agencies in Delhi. OOH advertising can be classified into – billboard advertisements, bus shelters advertisements, kiosks, screens, malls, street advertising and public places, transport and other forms of outdoor media used as a medium for advertising a product or service.

Types of Out of Home Advertisement :

Benefits :

1. Engaging medium

Outdoor adverts engage the prospective customers more easily in comparison to other mediums. By advertising through cups and paper bags it is much easier to catch the attention of your target audience because when people are enjoying a cup of tea or shopping their mind is at ease and they are much more receptive to new ideas. According to a study people outside homes are 33% more alert as compared to being at home, which can lead to higher absorption and recall of advertisements.

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2. Cost effective

According to studies, outdoor advertising yields a high return on investment which makes it cost effective in comparison to other marketing mediums.

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3. Mass reach

Ooh adverts can reach mass audiences, which may be difficult to reach through other mediums.

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4. High impact

The ooh adverts like unipoles and metro bridge panels are visible to the audiences by default. The viewers need not be invited to see it, nor do they have any control over the campaign, which makes it a high impact technique and remains registered in people's minds for longer periods of time.

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5. Influence the path of purchase

Displays just outside or inside malls and stores play a major role in helping people make up their mind on which brand to buy at the last minute.

Due to the benefits of outdoor advertising, online advertising is usually accompanied by the former for high and long lasting impact.

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