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Descriptions :

'Jo dikhta hai, woh bikta hai'. Advertising is just the name for the approach. The ascending digital world has bestowed on human world an entirely new form of advertising, we now call as Online Advertising. Topping the charts of advertising media, online advertisements seem to touch more than 50% lives of the total world population.

From candies to cars, from restaurant to bars, online advertising not just seems to make most of the human lives lay at ease, but also helps ad agencies to spring themselves up in the corporate world. Reaping the largest no. of users, the platform captures most of the people's attention when it comes to advertising a product or the brand itself in the virtual world.

Long back, when "Save paper, save trees" gained millions of people's attention, people shifted their focus from Outdoor advertising on billboards, hoardings and other media to advertising online. Promoting a product online is the trend these days. From the first free ride on a cab to small giveaways while you order food online, every other brand is in the race of promoting their products. Even with the fewest of clicks by a single user, help them generate enormous revenues over the entire scale. Flipkart, the leading name in the industry of online shopping has spawned revenue of billion dollars through advertisements of their products on the internet.

Types of Online Advertisement :

With a rapidly growing online advertising industry, there comes a variety of factors which forms the base of the types of advertising online. Ranging from the desired area of interest to reaching the targeted audience, the following advertising mediums can be chosen to achieve the desired results:

Benefits :

While online advertisements are meant to provide a tight grip on enhancing a product's scope in the market, big orgs are able to haul colossal benefits through it. Be it reaching a large no. of targeted audience, or getting product out in the market in less time, online advertisements serve as an added advantage of advertising over other media which combines outdoor media such as hoardings, newspapers, tv advertisements within its domain.
1. Enhanced product awareness

When it comes to analyzing potential customers, online advertising is an unrivalled advertising platform. With 3 billion and counting internet users, one doesn't have to toil very hard reaching viewers for products and services. In fact, unlike other advertising media, where you'll not know if the product's ad was a hit or a miss, online ads serve to monitor your efforts.

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2. Varying Ad Types

With the need of advertising campaigns, one can search through varying ad types from the docket of side-bars ads on facebook to displaying the services on a blog, from flashing ads on search engines to pop up advertisements on popular sites. In addition, one can analyze the course of action to advertise and promote his services for optimum results and for leveraging the organization's promotional approach. Social Network Advertising methods include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. in the domain.

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3. Novelty of Ideas
While Tv and print ads don't seem to change over the years, a rapid transformation in digital world has forced innovation on advertising. With numerous ideas holding people's attention every passing day, there arises a need for novelty. More innovative the idea; more will be the ease in targeting your customers. The fact that the digital world will never see an end, it adds up bringing users as well as advertisers enormously.

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