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How Out Of Home Advertising is The New Black


It is true that the advent of novel technologies such as smart phones, etc. has completely changed the way people engage with various advertising campaigns they consume in the real physical world. However, it is also true that your brand presence outdoors will surely help to get the word out to your target audience whether it's about the launch of your new product, brand or any other new app quickly and effectively. And, don't forget that it is the very advertising method which legitimizes the tech companies by attracting the maximum number of eyeballs and resulting in provoking action amongst the people.

When observed closely, you will find that the OOH medium of advertising enhances the odds of success if one can assess their buys against the four major factors viz. place, time, mental state and creative significance. Besides, with the increased leisure opportunities as well as longer working periods consumers spend more time outside their homes and this is the reason why more is being spent on the outdoor advertising than ever before.

Think about the punchy and creative tag lines combined with vivid colors and compelling images on tea cups, billboards, etc. which make us remember the brand names behind the campaigns and induce us to immediate action. As the businesses use the OOH media to target customers in the immediate surroundings, it helps their marketing campaign to reach its full potential and achieve great target sales within a short duration of time.

The OOH advertising industry is a fastest growing sector which makes use of innovative methods and techniques with a view to offer increased customers' interaction and engagement and the day is not far behind when this advertising industry will greatly dominate the urban landscapes. To cite an instance, in recent times HTC, the multinational company for tablets and smartphones, ran an interactive design competition for banner advertising under the name 'Exceptional' in order to promote its phone in the cities of UK. It not only gave the young creative minds an opportunity to showcase their talents, but also to the company to send its message across to the customers. This campaign yielded rewarding results with the audience and industry leaders.

Thus, the website called Platomar, i.e. the platform for marketing and one of the best outdoor advertising agencies in Delhi is born for the same purpose to test this "real-time" concept and give people what exactly they are searching for by bridging the gap between the companies and the consumers.

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