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Chai Pe Charcha A Medium of Advertising


With our Prime Minister Narendra Modi's much talked about event called Chai Pe Charcha (chat over tea) which took place in western Ahmedabad at Iskcon Gandhi tea stall in February 2014, an increasing consciousness is seen amongst the Indian masses to assemble at the tea stalls and discuss a variety of concerns. You will agree to the fact that even though the ever-present internet has posed a threat to the existence of the electronic media and print; however the narratives to interact with the audience continue to be in a constant change of flux and more so because of the campaign strategy, i.e. Chai Pe Charcha which has taken the mode of communication to an altogether different horizon. Clearly speaking, the joint teal stalls have been transformed into a platform for effective outdoor advertising campaign.

How? Let's study it in a little detail. Tea stalls are a one such platform where from youth to middle aged to old aged people spend about 10-20 minutes to slurp tea and become a part of joint conversations. With every passing day this circle gets bigger and bigger. So as advertisers you can easily get into touch with the people who matter to you or in other words who can buy your services and products. Brands for whom undertaking a huge outdoor advertising campaign seems impractical, tea stalls act as a strong alternative to conventional media options.

These teal stalls open up a world of opportunities for you to get your brand message across to your target audience in a subtle yet effective manner. With attractive tea cups, paper bags, brand tissue papers, and many more such options together with imposing brand messages written on them, you can do a successful campaigning of your business. Another most significant point which we want to bring to your notice is that these are the spots where people rejuvenate and unwind themselves so much so that their minds easily register your brand name and thus brand familiarity starts getting to build up. Moreover, you can also continuously innovate in terms of using different advertising techniques and tools to offer the finest choices to your target audience.

But you don't have to go anywhere for your brand promotion as our Platomar website offers you this rewarding opportunity in the form of an efficient outdoor media planning along with a geographical selectivity to create a consistent brand presence anytime.

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