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The Art and Science of Media Planning


The present society is offered an ever increasing choice in terms of media consumption. This is precisely the reason why a dramatic shift in human behavior is noticed over the preceding years which has resulted in a significant fragmentation of media. After all, the selection of outdoor media for advertising ranges from cup ads to billboard advertising as well as outdoor signage and not to forget an assorted variety of print media such as newspaper adverts that cater to the needs of niche audiences.

outdoor media planning is not done out of vacuum as it involves a proper science and art to make it successful for your brand. By "science", we mean which involves a comprehensive customer and targeted market-based research, but at the same time "art" which is founded on the knowledge and experience of the media marketplace studies such impact which drives people to the path of purchase.

Have you ever closely noticed any chef that with how much dexterity he/she balances the ingredients to prepare a fine meal? A media planner is also like a chef whose strong media planning (a fine meal) is founded on his/her extensive world class research (ingredients). Primarily, in media planning you need to deeply understand the ever evolving needs of your customers, their objectives, demography and the changing marketplace. And, to gain a better understanding of all the above mentioned variables, a considerable amount of research is undertaken in the discovery phase of the outdoor media planning strategy.

To become a successful media planner, it is crucial for you to set your targets in the beginning so that an effective roadmap can be carved out, tests and performance measures can be created as a part of the campaign. In other words, during the kick start and end of each campaign you should take complete cognizance of whether your outdoor advert planning is taking its due course and if not, then what all improvements are needed. As a strong media planning team, you need to identify the very design analytics and metrics to efficiently track performance at the forefront.

Once you gain a clear understanding of your target audience and factors influencing them, including psychographics, then a broad study of media can be performed to evaluate the best engaging media for your audience along with their path to consideration and purchase. Moreover, also ensure that you get enough reach and frequency with your engaging media within a set time frame. Balance out every factor with your budget scheme established by your client and accordingly create a layout that best suits your comprehensive outdoor media advert plan.

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