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Is Billboard Advertising effective in 2018?


Out of Home advertising has surely witnessed a progress in terms of popularity over the last few years. Digital advertising has reflected new possibilities for the brands to make an impact and talking about this year’s trend, Outdoor media advertising is going to increase in 2018 as the experts have suggested.

Last year, tech giants like Twitter, Apple, and Snapchat moved in OOH advertising leading to a shift of tech companies to significantly invest in OOH this year. It is astonishing how bigger brands have dominated this form of advertising for a long time. Due to hugely reduced costs over the past few years, through automated online platforms it has become easier for small businesses to book OOH ads.


It is no new that OOH and digital media overlap. And the good part is that marketers are becoming aware of the fact that combining the two can give you high-end results. Integration of digital marketing strategies by way of smartphone (demographics, behavior, and location) with OOH can multiply impressions and make the target plan more specific.

People travelling by road often take look at large billboards on their way to work and if the creative seems exciting or appealing, they do talk to your friends about the same. A recent study has shown that around 71% of consumers ‘often’ look at roadside billboards. A lot of people have also claimed that at one point or another they learn about an event or product through billboards. Now you must be slowly realizing its power!

If you’re up with business marketing ideas, I am sure you must have included placing a smart, quirky and intriguing billboard advertisement on your to-do list. They are undoubtedly hard to miss and moreover, they prompt the customer to take action. Statistics say that approximately 33% of drivers went to a restaurant, shop or business they saw advertised on a billboard during that week. Well, numbers don’t lie!

But before placing or designing any billboard, few things should be kept in mind which we are listing below for your convenience:

·         Outdoor advertising is becoming competitive with time, and this is why you need to know how to ensure your billboard getting chances of being noticed and remembered.

·         Keep it simple, keep it smart –Six words or less with no distracting imagery or unreadable fonts

·         Billboards are meant to grab attention. Therefore, it needs to catch your eyes and leave a lasting impression.

·         The message on the hoardings should be straightforward, to the point. People should be able to go with it in seconds.We wouldn’t recommend writing unwanted or irrelevant stuff because doing so will lose focus of the audience.

·         The cost factor of billboards is determined by a number of factors like circulation (amount of traffic that passes through the billboard), demographics (what kind of people are getting engaged by looking at it, further categorized into age, gender, and income level,etc.) and impressions (number of people who see the ad). If you take into consideration of these factors, you are ought to develop a successful billboard ad.

So, the bottom line is OOH is a medium that is full of surprises. In case you have a startup-or small or medium businesses build a solid unbreakable brand strategy. You never know you might be the next out-of-home success story. It was effective and continues to do so in the coming times as well.

A lot of digital signage companies and outdoor advertising agencies are giving a cut-throat competition to build a niche for them in the advertising world. But to answer the question of where can I promote my business? Well, the answer Platomar. The advertising company with well researched and effective advertising techniques and plans will prove to be fruitful and a unique choice for advertising your brand or business. And if you are still in dilemma of the best place to advertise is your business, well, write to us and we will try helping you.

Also, gain insights on how to market a business and some top business promotion ideas by following us on our social media channels. What is your take on the effectiveness of Billboard advertising; let us know in the comment section below.

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