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Should the design of your website be used on a billboard design?


Marketing and advertisement have become imperative concerns for business organizations all over the world especially with the rising prominence of online businesses. The resolution of the query ‘how to market a business’ has given the opportunity to organizations for developing various marketing methods and strategies thereby finding a stronghold in the respective industry.

Platomar is aiming to break conventions in outdoor advertising and provide new opportunities to customers to leverage the marketing appeal of website designs when placed on billboards. One of the innovative aspects of contemporary advertising is outdoor advertising that is based on the rationale of reaching out to customers outside their homes where television and print media are not able to reach target audience effectively.

Outdoor advertising is considered as one of the most functional and productive business marketing ideas and refers to outdoor activities for advertisement alongside improving the public outreach of the services and products of a business. However many organizations have depicted potential innovation in terms of taking their website design onto billboards and is still a prominent query for OOH advertising agencies. So what shall you do when faced with such dilemma?

Platomar recognizes that billboards have been a great resource for accomplishing the objectives of outdoor advertising since they are capable of reaching out to a larger target audience. So when you are doubtful regarding, ‘Where can I promote my business on a billboard?’ then the best answer would be right here with us at Platomar.

At Platomar, we strive to enable promising transition of the company’s brand image from the screen of a computer to the large canvas of a billboard. We make sure to implement the latest technology and research for identifying the target audience and specific locations where the advertising would be able to accomplish maximum reach among the target audience.

Some of the business promotion ideas are being tailored to the requirements of clients and depict potential indications towards the placement of website design on a billboard. The website serves as an identity of the organization alongside implying favorable communication of the brand image. The use of interactive billboards could be used to translate the quality of the images and colours used on the website without any issues. Customers are more likely to identify with the basic elements with which they interact on the website when portrayed on a large billboard.


Basic concerns for outdoor advertising:

Out of home advertising allows substantial prospects for using various entities related to the business in context of the marketing initiatives through the integration of digital technology.Therefore, we at Platomar, ensure that your website design or the inherent essence of your business is aptly reflected in the outdoor advertising such as billboards and transit advertisements.

We emphasize on the following concerns for prolific outcomes fromplacement of the website design on billboards in outdoor media advertising:

·         Simplicity is the foremost aspect of outdoor advertising for reaching out to a larger base of potential customers.

·         Imagery should be appealing to the audience in order to improve viewer recall.

·         Colours used in the billboard design should be highly contrasting and the use of colours should support the imagery of the product or service.

·         Fonts used in the advertisements should be legible from different distances.

·         Asa competent advertising company, Platomar also emphasizes on the factor of size in the billboards and other outdoor media used for advertising. The implications of size in terms of graphics and text from the website design are not only meant for visibility but also improving the appeal of the message.

The competences of digital signage companies could be limited by the pressures of the advertisers in terms of creative freedom.


However, Platomar follows a unique 3R approach comprising of research, refinement and release to address such obstacles. We make sure to incorporate the best industry knowledge sources and research on potential marketing avenues in our strategies for OOH advertising thereby leading to promising outcomes for our clients.

The promotion of location-based advertising could lead to major interest for alternatives on “the best place to advertise your business”. Therefore, Platomar would be an appropriate selection from a wide array of outdoor advertising agencies for addressing the complicated task of placing the website design of your business on a billboard only with just the right amount of creativity!

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