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Some of the Best Ways to Advertise your Startup


Every new business is eager to inform their target consumers about their product(s). They are keen on communicating to them how their product is unique and better than the ones already in the market. Advertising is one element of the marketing mix that can be used to reach out to the market for this purpose. The business image that the startups desperately need for them to make their first impression in the market can also be delivered by advertising. As a business startup manager, there is need for you to explore some of the most effective ways of advertising. The best ways of advertising a startup would preferably be those that cost relatively less. Free or very cheap ways of advertising are online. Before the internet, there were a few other ways startups could use to advertise. These included Out of home advertising media such as billboards, flyers, Cup printing, Poly bag printing, among others.


The following ways of advertising may be available for your startup:

1.      You can use the three big local listing services – register with Google, Yahoo, and Bing to enable potential customers search and find your business or products easily.

2.      Make use of social media – you can put ads and product or service offers on your facebook page, have a direct channel with your customers on twitter, network on Linkedin, etc.

3.      Blogging - you can start blog to help your startup get its name out through followers and to connect with your customers more directly.

4.      Use multimedia on YouTube and Flickr – putting promotional videos on YouTube is free. However, they must be attractive and relevant to your business. Flickr on the other hand allows you to compile all your business photos and provides a link to your website.

5.      SEO your company website – the world is constantly Googling. Search engine optimization can deliver your promotion ideas effectively. Just ensure your site is primed for performance on search engines.

6.      Use press release – take advantage of any major event in which your startup is involved and do a press release. Potential customers pay more attention to press releases.

7.      Make contributions to a relevant online community – this passively promotes your business and builds rapport with the community.

8.      P2P networking – person to person or face to face networking can be good for startups. You can do it at the gym, coffee shop, grocery store, and any other social place. Talk to people, connect with them, and follow them up.

9.      You can create an affiliate program – invite partners who are willing to participate in your promotion ideas under a revenue sharing arrangement. The partners display your products and bring in referrals. The partners actually serve as your advertising agencies.

10.  Outdoor media advertising – this is an out of home advertising technique involving the use of billboards, flyers, poly bag printing, cup printing, and other types of media that can be used in the field. This is a traditional advertising approach that continues bearing fruit for all businesses.


Startups may find marketing to be intimidating, but with the right promotion ideas, connections, materials and strategies, the process can be mastered effectively. Startup promotion is necessarily supposed to use low cost marketing ideas since they are yet to gain adequate financial muscle to bankroll major marketing programs. This enhances their survival and growth opportunities.

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