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Top 5 ooh ads that made a difference


The outdoor advertisement has been substantially reformed over the course of years with the large-scale integration of digital media thereby contributing to the flexibility for realizing business marketing ideas. The specific aspects that have been observed in the domain of business marketing in the recent years are vested in the increasing popularity of outdoor advertising thereby implying towards the preferences for OOH and DOOH marketing.

The distinct approaches that have proved to be substantially productive in the domain of outdoor advertising could be associated with different levels of functionality and results in the context of marketing. Outdoor media advertising was initiated with the sole objective of keeping the brand ‘alive and kicking’ in the minds of the target audience when they were less likely to recall the product or service. 

The primary aim of outdoor advertising was to improve audience recall but with the changing trends in the market environments as well as product and service consumption behaviours, the characteristics of out of home advertising have also reformed substantially. Some of the notable variations that have been noted in the strategic scope of outdoor advertising could be highlighted as follows:

·         The strategy has to depict uniqueness with respect to the concerned target market, brand and product.

·         The statement of president of the OAAA, Nancy Fletcher suggested that “Innovation in the capabilities for data collection, processing and analysis could contribute to a better understanding of the audience thereby contributing to effective segmentation and targeting for outdoor advertisement audiences”.

·         Location-based advertising is also accounted as one of the prolific business marketing ideas that define the orientation of outdoor advertising campaign of an enterprise.

Taking the above-mentioned characteristics into concern, it is essential to reflect on the case of five OOH advertisements that have been successful. The reflection on the successful advertisements could provide viable insights into how business promotion ideas can be tailored to the particular needs of the target audience as well as the concerned enterprise. 


Audi’s “Wi-Fi Jack” campaign at the New York Auto Show in March 2016 could be considered as a promising and innovative turn to conventional approaches for digital advertising. The campaign was associated with the company setting up free Wi-Fi networks at the auto show which is accounted as a scanty facility at auto show events. According to the statement of the advertising company Matejczyk Hoffer, San Francisco “Considering the modern perspectives to marketing, provision of a helpful service would be a considerable improvement”.


Ikea’s “25 Square Meters” OOH campaign could be considered as a novel benchmark for the various outdoor advertising agencies and a reflection on the promising outcomes that can be rendered by innovation in outdoor marketing. In this campaign, the people were given a firsthand experience of a real Syrian home through a replica constructed with cinder block walls and minimal furnishing. The art director, Snorre Martinsen from the advertisement agency POL conveyed that, “This move can be considered unique from IKEA’s traditional behaviour albeit with the benefit of communicating the need of donating and helping as compared to that of footage from Syrian households”.


The ‘Odds’ campaign launched by Adidas in 2016 served as a promising input on “how to market a business” with a specific focus on para-athletes. The campaign’s basic rationale was vested in the question as to why para-athletes buy expensive athletic footwear for both feet. The senior marketing director of Adidas India, Damyant Singh stated “At Adidas, we live a simple principle: No athlete left behind” which was the core of the sale of two left shoes and two right shoes as pairs.


Outdoor advertising is specifically responsible for addressing the confusion arising from “where can I promote my business”. McDonald’s has always depicted promising outcomes in outdoor advertising and its Directional billboard suffices the same. The campaign was implemented in rural France that implies that the success of an OOH campaign cannot be influenced by the place for business promotion.


The best place to advertise your business is right where the potential audience could be targeted uniquely. The “Are you fast enough?” campaign of Reebok that was implemented in February 2016 in Stockholm shows the capabilities of OOH advertising to acquire brand recognition. The ad also implied the use of digital technology to create a unique and disruptive form of advertisement.


Therefore, if your business needs the service of digital signage companies then it is essential to focus on their expertise and experience in the field alongside their capabilities to adapt to your personal objectives and requirements.

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