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Does paper cup printing helps a business reach its target audience?


If you wish to carve a niche for your business in the market, you ought to advertise it the best and smart way.While promoting a new business, a plethora of questions relating to advertising might pop up. Few obvious questions will be how to advertise a product, how to make it unique, what forms of advertising methods should one inherit and how to make your new business stand out alone like a king in this cut-throat competition.

There are different ways to advertise a business, as we all are aware; what differentiates you from others will be only your CHOICE. You better choose the one which is not just effective but also cost-efficient. One wonderful form of advertising which reaches people from all walks of life is undoubtedly Out of Home Advertising.


Some of the other advertising methods for small businesses include radio, newspaper, social media marketing, television advertising, etc. but what’s the best to advertise a new business completely based on the business requirements.The advertising method which suits all businesses is Paper Cup Advertising. Being one of the unconventional means of outdoor media advertising, this one can easily deliver your marketing message to the customer audience and connect with them quickly. A number of outdoor advertising agencies generally charges hefty fees for this form but Platomar not only provides business marketing ideas but also assure to provide the best quality paper cup printing at economical rates.So if you have a doubt on the question that does paper cup printing helps a business reach its target audience? Well, the answer is Yes, Absolutely! If you wish to advertise your business locally, it can work wonders for your business. Why and how? Let’s have a look:

1. A definite brand recall: With an exposure time of around five to seven minutes, paper cup advertising has a definite brand recall. If not in the first time, you are bound to look at it the second time.

2. We consume a lot of coffee/tea: Whether it’s on the way to work or during lunchtime breaks, conferences, lectures or exams, your cups stick with you everywhere. A survey reveals that people working in MNCs have 4-5 cups of coffee or tea per day. Branding on paper cups allows your brand to pop-up those many times in the eyes of the coffee/tea drinker.

3. Repetitive brand impression: By turning to paper cup advertising, you certainly will build your brand impression repeatedly in the audience’s mind. 

Bahubali 2-The Conclusion paper cups were distributed widely for the promotions.

4. They do the talking for your brand: Brand management is a big deal in today’s era and marketers are changing their strategies to advertise businesses on multiple platforms. Some artwork with a fascinating message can do all the talking for your brand with details like company’s logo, contact, discount code and crisp punch-liners.

5. Provides endless opportunities: One can have paper cups included in parties, functions, social gatherings, charity event, food-drink places, stalls, etc. The possibilities are simply endless of where you can sell the company.

6. Can be integrated with other marketing platforms: Technologies like scanning QR codes or NFC can be integrated with this mini-billboard to bring a completely new and fun experience. A creative design will not only attract your customers but will be able to help to make a relationship with them too.


(Picture caption: The cab giant Ola used this form of advertising to promote app downloads and bookings of various Ola Categories. Around 35 lakhs cups were distributed among 500 corporates in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune.

How does it work? Quite simple! You provide the agency with the artwork which needs to be created on the paper cup. Printing is done and branded in the targeted location/area. Distribution of cups to tea vendors, colleges, IT parks& airlines, depending on the brand and target demographic is done. Result? Your brand stands out. Later the results are recorded and a detailed campaign report is submitted to the client. Easy! Right?

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