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OOH VS. Other Media


Advertising today has evolved as a full-blown sector playing a key role in spreading brands' awareness and contributing to their success. Being dramatically evolved and improved from traditional forms, brand advertising has become a significant source of revenue for the nation. But it certainly won't surprise you that out of all the mediums of advertising, OOH Advertising is presently enlisted as one of the top mediums to stand at the forefront of the advertising campaigns.

Outdoor advertising techniques, which have become much more advanced in the contemporary times, help brands in reaching a large number of target audience more than any other medium in a short period of time and significantly influence them to move to actual purchase. There are several avenues of out-of-home advertising such as metro ads, airport media mall ads, etc. that have won various accolades from the advertisers as being the effective tool to communicate with the prospective customers.

Outdoor advertising, in fact, gives force to television messages when people are out of their homes for their daily activities. Whereas television costs a great deal, with OOH advertising campaign you can easily bring down the cost of CPM (Cost-per-thousand impressions).

It is much like digital marketing where it puts the word across to a younger, affluent and educated audience thereby extending the frequency and reach of your internet campaign when the audience goes offline. The biggest strength of OOH advertising campaign is that it provides a constant presence to your brand in the marketplace.

How much do you tune into the radio station? Must be quite frequently, i.e. while commuting long distances, carrying out your household tasks, preparing your notes, etc. because there you get ample number of options to satisfy your urge. Isn't it? But, having listener fragmentations across different radio channels, the advertisers have to buy popular stations for a relatively wider audience coverage which often affects the cost-effectiveness of radio. Despite this fact, radio is still quite inexpensive as compared to other long-established broadcast media channels and it builds frequency at a faster pace.

Radio ad campaigning when combined with OOH helps reach out to mobile audience, striking equilibrium between sight and sound.

In a nutshell, OOH including those of long-established print advertising mediums provides a wide market appeal to the advertisers by influencing the core demographic audiences thus generating search, action and word-of-mouth among consumers.

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