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Is Digital Marketing Overshadowing Outdoor Advertising?


Marketing has always played an integral role in the success of any company. In this highly competitive market, brand awareness is one of those important elements which need to have maximum planning. While the internet and online market is flooded with everyday debates over digital and Out of home advertising, the conclusion still remains dicey. It is true that digital has somewhat overshadowed this form, but there are still a lot of merits that OOH has to offer. To further ease the understanding of which one is better and why; we have listed some key points below.Let’s get started:

Digital Advertising

1. You would agree that people are going gaga over social media. Not only they find it fascinating and attractive, the platform seems to be the marketing place for today’s young generation. The success of Internet opened new frontiers in the field of advertising. In the form of videos, gifs, photos, graphics, presentations, blog posts, the possibilities are growing every day, every minute.

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2.People today are slowly and steadily realizing the power of digital, but as they say, everything has its own set of pros and cons. So, on one hand where marketing or communicating a brand’s message can go viral within seconds; there is a slight possibility of things going not your way. Firstly, the familiarity of the Internet and its usage is not very satisfying in India. This results in the unavailability and inaccessibility of people from all corners of the country. And so if your product targets people from rural areas, especially villages, then sadly your digital campaign can fail miserably.

3. Creating an online identity is easy but winning the trust can take quite some time.

4. Online marketing packages are often expensive. So budget can obstruct your goal.

OOH Marketing

1. The marketing has been in practice for decades now. Billboards, bus advertising, 3D hoardings, metro ads, digital signage has a huge audience. If we compare it to digital marketing, OOH is quite affordable. 

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2. It provides clients enough space to choose a budget-friendly package for OOH marketing.

3. OOH marketing is a strong one if we talk about area-based advertising, i.e. from a city to a particular corner of the city, OOH can target area. Moreover, the advertising is successful in villages and small cities of India.

Where can I promote my business?

Whether you are a pro or a novice in the industry, certain marketing and advertising strategies will make your business reach great heights without spending a fortune.You need to channel your business promotion ideas in the correct lane. Earlier where print (advertisements in newspapers, magazines, and brochures), broadcast (radio and television commercials), direct mail, and telemarketing were prevalent; now small businesses are embracing social media (Facebook,Instagram, Pinterest, etc) for advertising. Search engine ads, online banner ads, e-mail marketing are some of the common tools used in digital advertising.

What is the best place to advertise your business?

This is a subjective question. As mentioned earlier, it completely depends on the business requirements. For e.g. if you wish to promote a new show coming up on television, you would require OOH but in case of launching a new portal like that of Amazon or Flipkart which works more at the digital level, the perhaps digital marketing will be feasible.


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How to market a business?

If you already have some business marketing ideas, then we suggest you continue with them or maybe have a word with experienced market analysts or heads. But if you are a naïve, several outdoor advertising agencies and digital signage companies are there to serve you but can charge you handsome amount too. Well, if you are willing to choose the best one at affordable rates then your right choice for an advertising company will point towards Platomar.  We at Platomar tend to bring in the technology and streamline the entire process of outdoor media advertising at affordable pricesto give you the best experience.

Our take: Billboards and Outdoor media advertising still remain the go-to choice when it comes to advertising. They still are equally important, popular and an effective medium.

So now after reading the aforementioned points, you must have made a choice finally. And if you’re still in dilemma, then write to us. We’ll be happy to help.

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