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How to Build Your Brand with Billboard Advertising [3 Successful Steps]


"Do Billboards actually work?"

Short Answer – Yes.

Long Answer – Depends on the location, geographic, target audience and ingenuity of the ad campaign.

Billboards have been the favourites of almost every brand known to the modern consumer and they have consistently served as a powerful medium of advertising and broadcasting to a mass audience.

While Billboards do work and can grab serious number of eyeballs, they can also fail completely to create any impact. Why? Because nowadays consumers are no longer looking at billboards in the same way they did a decade or two ago.

So, if you really want to make a big impact with a billboard, you must first understand certain key aspects on how to do billboard advertising right. With the right strategy for billboard advertising, you can build a brand and take your business into the eyes (and minds) of consumers.

Here comes the first step to ensure your billboard gets you the maximum ROI -

STEP 1: Understand Your Audience

While this might sound like an obvious part of the advertising strategy, it is still, highly overlooked and often misunderstood by brands. Think of a billboard as a way to connect with your audience – you have to make the right impression and put your best foot forward in a way that best symbolizes your brand and serves the imagination of an onlooker.

Take for example – if you are a food brand, an ideal billboard should highlight your cuisine, products or offers. Similarly, if you are a service provider, your billboard must specify the service, highlight its unique features or state its advantages over the competition.

To get billboard advertising right, you must understand what exactly are you about to present to a target group and their reactions to your billboard. Understand that most people will not take any action after seeing your billboard directly but will keep the memory of it in their minds. Less words, more graphics!

Step 2: Add Emotion

Gone are the days when you could put a hot model on a billboard and attract tons of attention. While this might still work in places and instances, it is a cliched and uninspiring way to communicate with an audience. Brands are getting smarter and inducing different reactions with emotions. Be it funny, controversial, motivating or exciting – a billboard is eventually a marketing material which relies on people’s emotional reactions to measure its impact.

The key here is to get noticed but not go overboard with a billboard that becomes a distraction. Make it interesting and give a sense of fulfilment to your audience.

Step 3: Place Well

When it comes to billboard or outdoor advertising, location is everything. It is important to get the placement of your billboard(s) right to ensure the time, money and resources invested in creating a billboard can give maximum benefits to your brand. Essentially, a billboard is a mass marketing medium thus the rule of the thumb is to choose a location with higher footfall or population.

Sometimes, it can be difficult for an emerging brand or business to pick the hottest outdoor advertising locations for billboards, in such event, it is advisable to increase the number of billboards to cover more ground with your outdoor advertising campaign. Measure you audience well and buy outdoor space based on the insights your capture.

So, the next time you are in drawing board planning your next billboard, keep in mind these three steps to create a winning billboard that does justice to your brand and gets your more business.

Remember – You only have 5-6 seconds to capture the attention. Give it your best shot!

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