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Do You Know About Daikin's Latest Air Conditioned Bus Shelter in Delhi?


How can you innovate while keeping it cool? If you are Daikin you know the answer to this question!

A CSR initiative between Delhi Government and Daikin has led to the formation of Delhi’s first AC bus shelter in the city. Thanks to an innovative marketing idea from the Japanese giant Daikin, this move couldn’t be timed better as Delhiites seek constant respite from the scorching heat in the city, with temperatures soaring upto 45 plus levels.

Both the officials and citizens have welcomed the move and hailed it as a much needed initiative in the city. Daikin is a Japanese air conditioning giant which has collaborated with a private outdoor advertising agency to use the Delhi Transport Corporation bus shelters for branding and promotion. The best part about the campaign is the fact that it is not merely a publicity stunt but a very useful and practical solution to a public problem in the summers of Delhi.

Not only is this a welcome step but is also an effective lesson in Outdoor Advertising!


At its core, the essence of Out of Home (OOH) or Outdoor Advertising is about creativity to capture the wandering attention and interest of the audience. Think about it – with so many brands and so many billboards fighting for your fleeting attention, the question is not the ‘biggest’ billboard or outdoor ad, the question is the most ‘creative’ and ‘unique’ ad that draws passer-by’s. And that is precisely what Daikin has done with this campaign. They have garnered huge applause from the social media and marketing world for this.

So, while Delhiites cool off in the AC bus shelter, you can learn a lesson or two in outdoor marketing from World’s no. 1 Air Conditioning from Japan!

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