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How Top Brands Do It - 5 Super Creative Outdoor Advertising Campaigns


“Outdoor Advertising is all about creativity” - how many times have you heard this?

The above notion is often referred to as the ‘thumb rule of out of home advertising and marketing” for the simple fact that the more creative and unique your advertisement campaign is, the more likely it is to capture the fleeting attention of your target audience. It’s a fact that people will only look at something if it is ‘worthy’ of holding their interest. Thus, creativity is the ULTIMATE catch in the world of outdoor advertising and marketing!

So, what exactly is creative? Is there a way to measure creativity? Is creativity subjective and entitled to opinion of different individuals?

Well, we may not answer the above questions in this post, yet we would like to present ten brilliant examples of utilizing creative thought process in outdoor advertising and marketing to get the message across. These must-see billboard advertisements are a perfect example of thinking out-of-the-box to grab customer attention and convert target audience into brand followers.

#1. IBM


We see thousands of billboards around us, they are everywhere from the bus stations to the parking lots, shopping malls, theatres, restaurants and so on. IBM took traditional billboard advertising to a new level with a ‘simple curve’, as they like to present it. As a part of their initiative to promote ‘Smart Cities’ around the world, IBM (with Ogilvy) came up with this genius and creative way to promote themselves while being oh-so-useful at the same time. Watch It Here!

#2. McDonalds

McDonalds have consistently nailed their outdoor advertising campaigns with unique ways to tell stories that strike a chord with audiences. From calm and pleasing to brutal and strange, McDonalds really know what they are doing with their billboards and a perfect example of combining creativity with common sense is the one below.


This billboard advert is an ingenious way to affect consumer choices by cashing on the ‘closer to you’ option as well as positioning the brand ‘ahead’ of their biggest competitor on the French turf! Watch the making of the directional billboard by McDonalds here.

#3. Leica


How do you promote the fancy new capabilities of your latest camera? Answer – by creating a billboard that shows the audience 'exactly' what they need to see. Camera giant Leica introduced their S2 model with a staggering 37.5 million pixels in a truly innovative and creative way of outdoor advertising in Switzerland. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words!


#4. Nike


Global giant Nike demonstrated the true power of innovative thinking to promote the lightness of their ‘Flyknit’ sneakers in Shanghai, China. Closer to a ‘stunt’ than a conventional billboard marketing activity, Nike began by constructing a one-piece Flyknit shoe and had four workers knitting the shoe ‘real time’ over a ten-day span as thousands of commuters watched in amazement! Talk about grabbing the eyeballs, watch the video here.

#5. Panasonic


How do you promote a hair trimmer? The usual way is to hire professional models or famous personalities to endorse your product but Panasonic decided to go out of the usual way to create a unique, funny and creative outdoor billboard in Indonesia. They build a billboard around electrical wires and pole cables to put through the message in an amusing yet convincing way. Creativity at its best!

Have you seen any other creative outdoor advertising campaigns? Share With Us!

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