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Advertisement through Tea Cups – What benefits it entails?


Every business has to define its target audience. For instance, if you own a cosmetic brand then your target audience would be women. Likewise, if you run a stationary store, then your target audience would largely be students. Once you are clear about which segment of people you should aim at, then various other parameters may also require special attention, such as age group, location, lifestyle, profession and of course gender too. After having carefully considered these parameters, we can safely lay our action plan.

Our marketing professionals at Platomar will then get the most attractive tea cups designed for you, along with a compelling message written on it and have it delivered to the right audience. Well…we won’t say that it’s a sure-shot funda of boosting your business sales, but we can ascertain that it surely opens up more scope, for our clients, of generating great response from your targeted customer segments in a consistent manner. This way you will have various doors of opportunities for gaining more business and a consistent growth of your company at the same time.

Tea Cups for your Business Marketing Needs

After defining the right targeted customer segments, out marketing team of Platomar then builds an effective marketing campaign based on what budget you have, the campaign location, time duration required, etc. Then quantity of tea cups is decided based on these very parameters. Don’t worry we’ll provide you with an Ad Monitoring Tool to constantly monitor the campaign so that you can give your valuable feedback/suggestion on the same. We promise to deliver you great marketing results and to contribute towards the growth of your business.

Tea Cups Outdoor Advertising is a One-Stop Solution for you

After having prepared the distribution plan, Platomar kick starts the ad campaign by distributing tea cups for free at the targeted locations, also known as ‘touch points’, where maximum attention of your targeted customer segments can be garnered. The same practice is followed regularly at different places and different venues till the campaign’s closing date. Simultaneously, consumption of cups and audience engagement is observed till the time campaign is being run.

Best Outdoor Advertising Method for Business Recall

Post the completion of this advertising campaign, our Platomar team captures pictures of those locations, gather response from the vendors as well as the users towards our cup ads. The same is then shared with our clients to help them assess their Return on Investment (ROI) and plan their next advertising campaign.

In the end, we can say that tea cups these days have gone on to become a great advertising medium for both established as well as start-up companies – let’s know why!

Your brand message literally goes right in the hands of your targeted customers.

Tea drinking is a social habit that triggers discussion and engagement.

It’s a multi-pronged approach to help you advertise your brand, website, services and products.

Involves low cost on each view in comparison to other advertising mediums.

Your targeted audience can pay attention for a longer period of time towards the message written on cups as it’s just a few centimeters away from them.

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