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Advertisement of Colleges and Universities - Know what can really attract prospective students!


Advertisement of colleges and universities is indeed very challenging because of a competitive landscape. How one university gains more limelight over the other when both have an equal standing in the eyes of students and their parents can be a perplexing question? And at that with the ever increasing tuition fees, it becomes important to highlight the key strengths of the colleges and universities. Of course, a lot depends on marketing and advertising.

Outdoor Advertising through billboards can help you up your game and engage your targeted students’ attention, provided it is done right! Let’s learn how:

Demand for higher education is always there, especially amongst the 18 year olds

History has it that the competition to engage the attention of prospective students is getting tougher than ever before. So this goes without saying that both colleges and universities need to up-skill themselves in doing marketing and advertising of their educational institutions and employ smart marketing tactics.

Can university/college billboards draw prospective students’ attention?

By using billboards and of course other advertising methods with the right advertising techniques, colleges and universities can establish a firm hold in the education field and trigger more response from their prospective students. The flexibility and sheer scope of outdoor advertising boost the possibilities of students’ engagement. This campaign then can be integrated with an online marketing campaign that utilizes SEO, banner-ads, click-ads, etc.

Online Marketing on its own may not yield fruitful results

It may so happen that one particular segment of youth population do not have smartphones or may not be so active on social media. And even if they are then they may be interested in searching for something else. In a recent study, it has been observed that female students mostly search for fashion, health and beauty related tips; whereas males look for latest movie, video games or gadgets. Very few pay attention to tablet banner ads or mobile ads.

Billboard Ads look compelling and do not go unnoticed

Remember your school/college days? How often you used to travel in trains, buses and taxis? Of course, quite much right! So the situation is still more or less the same. The majority of students, mainly between the age group of 16-18 enjoy hanging around with their friends. So mostly they are on the move – be it in buses, trains or taxies. Places such as shopping centers, cinemas and cafes are frequented by them. Now, it’s up to you how you utilize this opportunity to help your college/university become talk of the town. Clearly, you can place billboards at these places to attract attention and it will surely not go unnoticed.

Time after the completion of board exam is lucrative for colleges and universities to invite students’ attention through riveting messages written on billboards and get them constantly reminded of their presence. So advertise your institute with a clear, concise message written on billboards so as to garner quick response.

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