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Creativity with Smartphone Technology: Ingenious Examples of location-based Marketing


Location-based marketing, as discussed earlier, has become a popular medium for advertising ever since the introduction of SMS push-based advertisements more than a decade ago. It’s a kind of marketing method that changes based on the locations of your targeted audience. Rather than assuming your customers as a homogeneous identity, location-based advertising adapts to the particular habit, social and cultural characteristics of your customers based on their location at a given point in time. Also, thanks to the latest technological advancements that have enabled companies to gather quick information about their customers’ habits and locations so that every person is targeted individually.

This is indeed a big endorsement from the advertisers! But do you know what all brands or companies are really using this medium to its optimum? Let’s find out, right here!

1. Nivea

Nivea brand made use of a “Bluetooth proximity beacon” in magazine advertisements in Brazil, which elders could easily remove from the page itself in the form of a wrist-band for their kids. One could use a smartphone app to track how far their kids have gone, away from their parents to such places as parks, beaches, etc. Parents then get an alert if their children walk out beyond a pre-defined range and can locate them wherever they are in order to bring them back home. This way Nivea has not only become a brand cream producer to be used at sun-drenched locations, but the one which also cares for its consumers’ kids.

2. Coca Cola

You must have seen Coca Cola running an innovative outdoor advertising campaign by putting up its vending machines for a successful location-based promotion. Interestingly, Japanese tea consumers could obtain maps of vending machines which are in close proximity to their places and which have in stock their preferred cans. Coca Cola is also vouching for beacon technology for a range of technology-friendly vending machines in such countries as Australia.

3. Inc.

The biggest franchiser of lifestyle brand in Philippines, Store Specialist Inc., has been able to launch its very-first location-based smartphone app with the support from mobile marketing services company called Sprooki for all the shoppers of premium brand in Philippines. There is this SSI Life app that offers limited, time-bound promotional offers, such as extra gifts to those who make big purchases anywhere in their 500 stores.

4. BlueBrain

BlueBrain, the music group from US, has come up with the world’s first location-based music album, which really alters the feel of the music as and when the app user walks through the major attractions of the country, such as Central Park in the New York City.

5. Granata Pet

granata pet image

One of the Germany-based companies for pet food products called Granata Pet designed a kiosk with the name Snack Ball Machine, which was put up in different cities. Interesting enough, in each ball you’d have seen a beacon sensor fixed in it and the ball is tossed into the air through this vending machine in the park itself. Then dogs which are able to bring back the ball in less time are considered healthy and a bowl of pet food is doled out from the kiosk.

Therefore, this way location-based marketing has certainly proven to be an effective medium of brand building exercise and spreading its awareness amongst the targeted audience. Do you also agree?

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