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Effectiveness of OOH in the World of Advertising


The use of OOH (Out of Home) advertising techniques in the field of outdoor marketing proves quite a persuasive and effective strategy wherein dynamic media is promoted in places that are accessed by the potential consumers, such as convenience stores, restaurants, colleges, public spaces, certain commercial locations, etc. This tool proves mutually beneficial for the advertiser and the location owner as it instantly captures the attention of the onlookers.

OOH (Out of Home) advertising makes the audience highly attentive towards what is being advertised because:

It offers a wider reach in terms of the targeted audience

High frequency

Geographic flexibility, i.e. getting your ad promoted in front of the right audience

As a result, quick brand recall in the minds of the customers

Exposure to your brand for a considerable amount of time

Comparatively low cost per thousand

Also, the reason why DOOH has become more effective as a means of advertising is because of the fact that consumers are now taking least interest in the traditional means of advertising; they ward off emails, switch the TV channel that they are watching as soon as it is time for advertisements, and do not wish to be bothered by online advertisements which they mostly find vexatious.

Needless to say, outdoor media unlike these conventional advertising techniques creates strikingly impactful content that immediately comes in the spotlight.

Among the manifestations of the effectiveness of outdoor advertising in the outside world is the way this tool boosts sales; offers advancement in a brand's marketing campaign; makes a company get an edge over its competitors; allows for a wide range of creative possibilities, innovations, and technological advancement; is seen to be catering to the specific target market in a remarkable way, hence proving quite a flexible platform and providing for a brand's content to be customized in relation to the topical events.

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