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Tips related to Location Advertising that may help you get going!


Location based advertisement methods have quite evolved since the time SMS push-based advertisements got introduced almost a decade before. Now mobile marketing has become such a powerful force that it has given a setback to print media. By creating area-based social networks in your smartphone, you can interact, meet, share and even suggest places depending upon your physical coordinate. Through this tangible association with social media would imply more foot traffic and revenue generation for the entrepreneurs.

Did you know about such networks like Loopt, Foursquare and Gowalla that allow any business – whether it’s small or big to build association with your customers online and also encouraging them to come and visit your physical store? Exciting enough, right! Now, you’d be completely blank and asking yourself questions like “Should I also use these networks?” “How it is to be done?” But don’t worry as following are the tips that will surely help you get started:

a. Know what all are the platforms

Before anything else, you need to be well-conversant with the technology. More often than not, people use these networks in their smartphones to “check in” wherever they are. GPS helps in locating the users and finding out which location they might be at and thereafter giving them the option to choose a location or prepare a new listing. These “check-ins” in turn enable their friends to find out where they are at present or which places they frequently visit. So many companies in fact announce special offers or promotional schemes through these apps so that whenever you do a “check-in” you will receive notifications of different deals.

So familiarize yourself with such applications where location advertising can be done to give your brand maximum exposure and highest geographical reach.

b. Decide your goals

Before joining these social networks for location advertising, we will advise you to first decide your goals and align your thought process in the following ways possible:

Do you wish to increase footfall traffic to your physical store?

Do you wish to raise your sales graph?

Do you want more and more people to get associated with your business?

Are you planning to launch a new line of products?

Want to retain your existing clientele base?

Hark! Don’t simply get carried away by these above mentioned objectives, but rather think through and decide on your goals objectively. After setting your goals, it will be easier for you to decide the course of action and entire process to achieve those goals. One thing that you ought to do is to become easily accessible to your customers on every social network possible.

c. Personalize

Am sure you all would love to personalize the networks to best accommodate your marketing and advertising requirements! So are you ready to make these networks more happening and appealing to your audience? It’s true that different networks offer different ways of personalization and you have to decide which network serves your need the best. Most important of all you have to build your website and integrate it with other online platforms, such as Twitter. As far as personalizing the network is concerned, from creating a to-do-list for your users to helping you creating a unique icon for your location instead of a usual one.

So what’s your wish?

d. Be found everywhere

Make sure that your business is found everywhere and put your phone, address and other details correctly so that it becomes easier for your customers to reach you. What’s more?? You can even put up some stickers and other notices everywhere on your store, such as counter, door and other desks to make yourself heard and say it loud and clear that “Find us on Instagram.” Doing business advertising in this way really brings palpable results.

e. Adopt attractive promotions

On such networks like Gowalla, Foursquare, etc. you can run promotional offers to attract your audience attention and bring them to your store. For instance, many brands run such special offers as check in more than 5 times on these networks and earn an appetizer for free. So you can plan yours! It’s just that these promotional offers should be exciting enough and most importantly based on your goals to help you get closer to your goals. The big blunder you can ever commit is to create these offers thoughtlessly due to which you can even incur a major loss. So beware!!

f. Develop the efficiency to adapt

Though it’s not very late that location-based social networks got introduced to the world of social media, but surely this is not end. So be prepared to acclimatize yourself to new technologies which bring new applications as well as tools to further strengthen digital platform. Strictly align yourself to the goals set and be prepared to adapt new technologies that come your way.

g. Evade common mistakes

There are some common mistakes which you must avoid:

Whatever information you share on these social networks, make sure that it’s authentic and of value to your audience otherwise you are likely to lose credibility both in the online and offline world.

Don’t make poor advertisements as it will severely affect your brand value and people will eventually lose interest in your brand.

Constantly monitor your activities on social media and modify them if they aren’t yielding fruitful results otherwise the chances are such that you may incur losses on your business.

So go beyond your physical store and do business advertising through these location-advertising social platforms to get maximum attention of your target audience!

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