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Learn different ways of measuring the effectiveness of Outdoor Advertising


The dilemma that most start-ups and marketers find themselves in while deciding whether to go for outdoor advertising or not is ‘How to measure the effectiveness of Outdoor Advertising?’ Whereas apparently you as readers here may understand the importance of outdoor advertising and how it can help leverage your brand, but it’s not easy to realize when this medium will yield a good return on your investment? Even though the medium of outdoor advertising is still struggling to present real time statistics or hard data to the start-ups and marketers or evaluating the returns on ad spent, however there are still effective ways to evaluate your ROI. Let’s understand how!

1. It’s about picking the right locations

Guess, what’s the big blunder that often brands commit? Yes, you’re right; it’s when they pick wrong locations for their Ooh advertising campaign. Choosing a wrong location or set of audience would automatically invalidate your campaign. Hence, we advise you to be extra careful while selecting the locations. Here are some ways that will help you in figuring out the ways:

You need to first discover your target audience and define the locations accordingly. What is your demography and whom are you targeting – males or females? Then, what is the age-group – youngsters, middle-aged or old-aged? What level of income your potential customers may be drawing? So this way the more you collect information about your potential customers, the easier it would be for you to reach and convert them.

Yet another important factor to take note of when picking the right locations is assessing your customer data. What all people are buying your services or products? Whom are they doing a purchase for? What requirement does your service or product meet? So assessing the data of your current customers can help you make a great kick start of your business and of course for a better understanding of your targeted demography.

Now, do you know the next step? After determining your target audience, you should contact a good advertising agency, make them understand your suitable demography and work closely with them to yield maximum results. At best, try and contact those out-of-home media cells which have the maximum number of people in your chief marketplace.

2. Creating a right message is important

Ooh advertising media works within a short frame of time for capturing the audiences’ attention. As we all know that the audience comes in contact with the OOH messages while being on-the-move, it becomes extremely critical for you as a marketer to frame catchy messages for them so that they are attracted to read them. Platomar, an advertising agency in Delhi, can help you achieve your aim as we create compelling messages on tea cups and paper bags to attract maximum eye balls and encourage a call to action.

Don’t worry as the message would be to the point and impactful; dexterously combined with the powerful graphics to get your message across. Another important thing is that the message should resonate with your targeted demography to get the desired results.

3. Create a digital track

An excellent way to study the effectiveness of outdoor advertising and in turn evaluating the return on investment is by developing a digital track to obtain leads and trace generation of income. You can adopt any of the following ways:

Besides doing outdoor advertising, you can also promote your brand on social media platforms and get response from your audience through comments, shares, likes, etc.

Alternatively, you can also design an attention grabbing landing page with a clear-cut message based on your ad and then trace your page views, leads and conversions.

We at Platomar also give our clients an effective Ad monitoring tool to understand location response (where advertising campaign is run) and measure the results. To know more about our advertising services and how we can help you in your brand building exercise, drop a message below in the comment box or else give us a call, we would happy to resolve your query in no time.

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