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Do you know about ‘Digital’ Out of Home Advertising?


DOOH or digital out-of-home media, as the name suggests, is a form of digital media which is increasingly being used for advertising purposes outside our homes. This form of advertisement doesn’t include TV or radio advertisements, but does take account of digital signage, which is quite interesting to look at. Digital out of home or what you may also call DOOH is more often than not used in connection with networks that are based on advertising. And we all know that networks of digital out-of-home advertising can be seen at various locations, like your salon nearby, dining restaurants, doctor’s clinic or even on petrol pump stations.

In other words, Digital out-of-home or outdoor advertising is a part of the larger framework that helps in building your brand’s identity and spreading your message across through impressive-looking digital screens. This way it attracts more attention and leaves an indelible mark on the consumers’ minds while they are being on-the-go. So if you are also looking to increase awareness amongst the masses, in addition to generating incremental reach, then you should consider this medium which offers a favourable environment devoid of the risks which online and social media world entails.

Digital out-of-home advertising is different! Do you know why? Because it attracts most attention of the active audience with compelling and unique messages while they pass by during their travel time. To add to this, the digital out-of-home advertising campaign gains more mileage or success when it starts with a profound understanding of consumer behaviour and location relevance. Such advertising campaigns when take cue of lifestyle interest along with the targeted location are able to tap that unique moment where consumers are in a most positive state and hence are able to invite their attention.

With the increased use of dynamic data collections and mobile phones in the preceding years along with advancement in technology, digital out-of-home advertising is gradually transforming into a real-time advertising platform. To cite an instance, Microsoft partnered with Liveposter, a dynamic outdoor service provider in order to build an effective digital outdoor advertisement campaign for Cortana. It included targeted-locations based information and real-time audience to generate message on digital screens in over 240 distinct locations. Mobile beacon is a strong blend of push technologies and dynamic data, which is responsible for boosting digital out-of-home relevance for the audience.

So reach out to an effective ad agency that provides digital out-of-home or outdoor media services with which you can widen your customer reach and get such solutions which automate planning, buying and assessment of out-of-doors formats that make use of real-time propositions as well as reporting.

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