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Missing out on OOH while promoting your brand? Know how to deploy OOH advertising to leverage growth


Are you working for educational agencies and have some serious marketing goals to realize? But do you know that Out of Home advertisement is the key element behind driving your educational marketing goals? If no, then you are seriously lagging way behind in your marketing approach. Though outdoor advertising traces its roots to the ancient times, the concept has so much evolved over the years that it has become an indispensable part of the high-quality promotion campaigns.

In fact, many agencies working in close liaison with the top level Education Clients have to resort to outdoor media for achieving improved activities on web, increased movements towards campuses as well as increased enrollment numbers during registration times. To put it more clearly, this is mainly done with the help of local, much targeted Out of Home Media schemes. The study has shown an increase in enrollment by nearly 35% with the help of OOH advertising.

Nowadays, business advertising via outdoor media is done through such channels as billboards, hoardings, paper cups and bags, bus benches, transit advertising, etc. All these mediums prove to be quite effective not only for big business set ups, but small businesses as well.

Read on to know how OOH advertising can help gain higher enrollment numbers for your Education clients:

1. Target and Reachability

Even though you have a small business advertising goal, OOH can help you in reaching out to your target audience and putting your message across. This is done by sorting major geography and demography. For instance, cherry pick bus systems, transit shelters or billboards in towns and cities where clients for higher education are looking to hire agents. Further, work towards geographically focused units which are reported to have highest impressions in terms of the targeted audience that you are looking out for.

There is something called OOH impression or metrical data which enables study of different locations in terms of Gender, Age, Race, Employment and Income.

Now the question comes how does it apply to your educational marketing plans? Well, we at Platomar can help you in shortlisting areas that are in close proximity to universities or schools and thereafter spreading your message with the help of the most suitable form of OOH advertising campaign. We can even hand pick units where current students and alumnae live and play.

2. Events

Despite a sudden upsurge in digital activities, a recent report has found that the most successful form of marketing technique for schools and universities is undeniably outdoor media where direct and close interaction with the potential students can take place. We at Platomar have the requisite knack to custom design and flawlessly carry out marketing campaigns with a view to directly establish connection with the students and even their parents. Not only does it work as a potent marketing strategy for sharing the message across, but with the help of online data it becomes quite possible to trace the impact of our campaign.

3. Mobile Connection

Both Outdoor media and Online activities are strongly interconnected, which inevitably gets reflected in the statistics. According to a report, 24% consumers who viewed a hoarding or any other outdoor form of media searched online the information about the advertiser and 17% consumers directly visited the advertiser’s website. Interestingly, the percentage is higher in case of the mobile users where 35% consumers are reported to have used their tablets or phones to perform research online about the advertiser after seeing the OOH advertising. Therefore, OOH can also prove to be a strong platform for the Higher Education Brands to drive traffic to the website, allowing increased movements in campuses; thereby resulting in increased number of admissions.

The advantage that you get with OOH for Higher Education Brands is the ability to use targeted messaging for reaching specific audience, who will have an easy access to your information. So. reach out to your audience directly with outdoor media messaging, leave impressions on them and increase interactions to see how the enrollment numbers grow thereafter!

Want more scoop on business advertising and brand promotion to reach your target customer audience? Platomar can help you boost traffic and sales with our custom made advertising and marketing solutions for your business!

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