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Billboard Advertising - Why Location Matters?


“Location, Location and Location” - Why there is so much buzz about location, when it comes to choosing Outdoor Advertisement as means of your business or brand promotion?

Irrespective of the type and size of your business, the success of outdoor advertisement is hugely dependent on the visibility and readability of the mobile consumer.

Location for outdoor advertising matters because it has a direct effect on the consumers’ attitude, principle and purchase intention of the advertised brand or product.

You need to be logical and practical while choosing the location for OOH advertising and ensure that your billboard is facing the front. The reason being no people would go out of their way to notice the artwork or ad and the message or slogan should be concise and crisp to be readable within a limited period of time. After all, visibility of your brand is what matters in the end!

Height of the billboard is another important factor for its success. You don’t want to attract the seagulls, do you? It’s impractical to place the billboard right at the top of a high building, instead select a height within the drivers’ range of vision for greatest exposure and visibility. Visible interference like tree branches, building, etc. in the way of ad are major building blocks in the success of the OOH advertising campaign of your business or brand.

Identification of your customers’ demographics is a good decision and not everyone is an ideal consumer for your business. Once you have identified your target audience, you want to reach them directly, don’t you? There’s no better mean than reaching them directly on the road or street through outdoor advertising. Once you have a good knowledge of your audience demographics like gender, age, average income, education, relationship status, etc. you should identify a suitable location.

Let’s say, you run an online fashion store for young generations, you should have a billboard nearby a college or university as it would be more effective than having one in the village or rural town.

Location of the billboard is critical and the placement of the ad near your business would be most ideal decision as you ultimately want to invite customers to your store.

Usually customers don’t want to struggle to find the location of your store; you must responsibly put the billboard ad and ensure that your shop is found conveniently.

While you want to catch the attention of the audience towards your ad or campaign, it is equally important that a considerable count of total traffic are the people who would reach a point of decision.

For instance, if you own a sportswear shop and the billboard is placed on the road which leads towards the sports store would be a great opportunity to market your brand to the oncoming traffic.

Peak Hour traffic can be an advantage for your billboard ad as the drivers would have no choice but to look around and search the surroundings during rush hour traffic. This increases the visibility of your brand and chances of sale too.

Billboard Ads are an excellent way to reach a mass audience directly within a short time span. When it comes to choosing locations for your billboard, it's important you personally drive by the actual spots you are considering to ensure the board doesn’t have interference like trees, buildings, etc. or that it doesn't come up on the driver too swiftly, which may not give enough time for the board's message to be to read.

You don’t want to struggle at the last minute for finding and finalizing location for your billboard. It’s practical that you contact the billboard companies’ well in advance to deal for the best location as boards with good locations are limited in number.

If you are confused about choosing the right location to reach your target customer segment, Platomar can help you plan, strategize and implement your brand or business’s growth story!

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