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Top 5 Myths of Outdoor Advertising Debunked


Any advertising or promotion which is done outdoors to promote the product and services of your business or brand is called Outdoor Advertising. It includes advertising on hoardings, kiosks, benches, billboards, interiors and exteriors of buses, taxis or any business vehicles, and any signage posted on the exterior of your business location. It is also popularly known as OOH (Out-of-Home) Advertising.

Since the advent of outdoor advertising and promotion, there are several myths about Outdoor advertising and majority of those are false and we are here to break them for you!

It starts with….

Myth 1: Outdoor Advertising only encompasses Billboards and Hoardings

Billboards and Hoardings are just part of Outdoor Advertising but its’ area is vast enough and includes any advertising done outside your home, workplaces or casual hangout. Advertising done through building wraps, standees, digital screens, leaflets and flyers, radio advertising, telecom advertising, paper cups, airport and railway platform advertising, cab and bus (transit) advertising, etc. are also many forms of Outdoor Advertising.

Myth 2: Outdoor Advertising is costly

The price for outdoor advertising is established by its location. A highly mobile road or highway may cost much compared to a less travelled road. The price of Outdoor advertising gets decided by the type of mean too. For instance, a Kiosk would be less expensive than a billboard in the same location. Outdoor advertising is result oriented because it’s difficult to avoid such advertisement compared to the electronic advertisement as there is always a risk of switching channels of the TV or ignoring the pop-ups on the website. Thus, Outdoor Advertising isn’t costly always, it depends on which medium you are utilizing to promote your campaign.

Myth 3: Outdoor Advertising is only useful for big brands

Outdoor advertising is always beneficial for huge brands as majority of the people are already aware of those brands, but the ever-increasing competition and the need of people to try equivalent product at lower price has given opportunities to smaller brands also to evolve. As far as target oriented advertising is done, outdoor advertising is beneficial to any type of business irrespective of the size or brand. Whether you are starting up or trying to expand, using the right Outdoor Advertising strategies and technique can help you reach your target customer segments easily.

Myth 4: Outdoor Advertising is non-interactive

The whole concept of billboard advertising has changed today. Now-a-days, highly advanced technology, LED and LCD screens, 2D and 3D designs and many more creative and innovative means are used to create an outdoor advertising which certainly would catch people’s attention without fail. Big brands like Coca Cola, Mc Donald’s BMW and IBM use inventive billboards in their promotion campaign and some of those advertisements even interact with public.

The success (or failure) of advertisement done by any company or brandd to attract, impress and engage public to buy their products and services depends on the creativity and originality of the campaign. It’s important that the advertisement is targeted in the right way and at the right place. Any form of advertisement can be unsuccessful if the target and objective is not achieved. Thus, it is imperative to learn what works best for your brand or company.

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