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5 Benefits of using Outdoor Advertising to Promote your Product


Business promotion and Outdoor advertising have age old relation ever since when the concept of promotion emerged in the mind of marketing people. The thought of Outdoor advertisement creates a picture of a big billboard on a business building in the city or along the highway but Outdoor Advertising is much more than these colourful and big billboards. It also includes taxis, phone booths, shopping centres, trains, metros benches, buses and transit lines.

Outdoor advertisement is full of benefits and being the traditional mean, most of the people still like to walk or drive by those big and colourful banners, posters, hoardings, billboards, etc. and get influenced to buy products. Let’s take a look at the 5 major benefits -

1) Outdoor advertising never required inviting the audience. There is always an option for the audience to change the channel if an ad comes but OOH advertising is part of the environment and the audience has no control on the fact whether they want to see it or not which gives your ad campaign high impact for a longer period.

2) Location has a huge role to play in case of Outdoor advertisement. The benefit over here is that you can customise the placement of your advertisement according to your choice. An attractive and colourful banner with appropriate message always drives traffic towards it. Rural farming or neglected communities can also be the target for advertising your product as reaching those people is usually difficult. By placing your advertisement along one of the main roads will greatly enhance your visibility and create good brand impression amongst audience. Outdoor ads normally stand alone and it doesn’t have to compete with other ads. Often large in size, OOH advertising is very visible from both close and far distances.

3) Out of Home advertisement is a great marketing platform for brand which is trying to reach a larger audience. It is basically for the people as it directly targets the customers and thus has access to consumers who otherwise, may be difficult to reach. There are many busy businessmen, older people and low-strata consumers who may not be internet savvy or may not time have to surf internet, outdoor advertising is a great way to reach them. Majority of the people like to purchase items from the shopping and retail centres. This is a perfect way of family outing too. Big hoardings advertising restaurants and food outlet often inspire me try them out. Certainly, you also get attracted by them. An appropriate location combined with attractive slogan and meaningful message will always catch the attention of the audience.

4) Waiting in the traffic or travelling in the bus, rail metro, and getting bored? Not anymore, just look around and find some colourful and informative advertisement to keep yourself engaged. Outdoor advertisement is liked by most consumers as these keep the consumers engaged. Government finds it the most appropriate and useful mean to reach low-strata people and pass several social messages through OOH advertising. Advertisement about general awareness and health related matters are highly impactful in buses, metros, etc.

5) The whole concept of outdoor advertising has changed today; it’s no longer the boring pen, colours and paper only. Highly advanced digitalisation has brought a revolution in the world of Outdoor advertisement too. The 3D clown sitting outside the Mc Donald’s is a form of outdoor advertisement and there are many similar methods used by big brands to promote their company is creating buzz in the world of advertisement.

According to the Outdoor Media Association, Out-of-home advertising delivers a high Return of Investment (ROI) in all categories and greater the budget spent on outdoor advertising, larger the ROI will be.

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