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Common misconceptions about OOH that you should avoid


OOH advertising could be opaque, if the right ad agency is not approached for advertising. Consider the factors such as cost for a particular period of time, the number of people the ad tends to cover, and its location to ascertain whether your advertising campaign is worth every rupee spent or not. To determine that OOH is the best choice for your industry, we have listed down some misconceptions that will aid you with how you should choose to advertise:

1. Billboards/hoardings are the only form of advertising

This isn't true! Billboards/Hoardings are not the only form of advertising. OOH can adopt any form of advertising and marketing techniques outside our homes and workplaces. It can be promoted through mediums like paper cups, trays, plastic bags, to begin with. These approaches give you a maximum coverage when stationed at a particular place and are most effective in grabbing mass attention.

2. Only the big corps can benefit from it

Though OOH is quite popular among the big corporations, it is equally effective for the small and medium scale industries and business advertising. For instance, paper cup advertising about an industry nearby is bound to prompt discussions and open talk, which is ultimately the best outcome you can expect out of an advert.

Implementing hyper loop advertising in your vicinity will demand attention of the residents and this proves to be really effective for the small corps initially. For instance, introducing your brand name in a bakery in your locality or promoting special training programs designated only for the executives of a certain corporation is a promising advertising tactic.

3. It is expensive

A major factor that constitutes the expense of OOH advertising is the locality. Major crossings, markets, etc. may be a fetching choice as far as exposure of the ad is concerned. When compared to city points such as restaurants and coffee shops, where there is a continuous influx of people all day long, the former will cost you more bucks, but deliver approximately the same outcome in a given period of time. Also, advertising through environment friendly, yet cheap mediums such as paper cups will only cost the brand as much as 15K, for a given campaign which focuses at targeting audience.

4. It can be replaced by online marketing for better efficiency

Online advertising has brought in valuable tools to better efficiency of marketing planning, however this is not true in case you are looking to advertise for small and medium scale industries. Traditional OOH advertising is how local organizations initially take off to later become more famous. It is a slow, but sure process which is bound to succeed.

If you are planning to advertise your product or brand online, then it should be completely fused with your overall campaign to achieve the best outcome.

5. The more detailed the ad, the better

Of course, it's a myth as more often people tend to ignore long-running ads outside; given the fact they are always on the move and their minds preoccupied. So what they do read or what capture their attention the most are the brand's name and a short supporting message. Ad agencies should bring in advertisements that aim at targeting audience.

6. The ad will be most successful when placed in city's crowded parts

Yes, this is indeed true! But added to the fact that it would have many eyes trailing on it, the ad itself will not create an actual reach if people are otherwise occupied. For example, in busy streets, drivers are more involved in driving than gazing upon their surroundings, as is supposed to be. Even pedestrians only watch where they are going, and don't pay much attention otherwise. This is why creativity is more important than focusing on placing it in the 'fat' parts of the city. An ad agency should keep a concern of the key areas of a city.

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