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5 reasons why OOH is more catchy and effective than Indoor Advertising


For most of the people, a picture of a large billboard for advertising along the highway or on a corporate building in the city pops to mind. But Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is actually much more than what you think as big, colorful billboards. These can be, but are not limited to, paper cups, trays, paper bags etc. Advertising on such kind of materials will attract the people's attention frequenting such places as restaurants and public joints to ensure that the message is delivered without any fail and thus, more effectively.

Nowadays, we are spending much more time away from home and so outdoor advertising has the potential to reach active customers. Here's a list of the top 5 reasons why global brands invest in OOH advertising.

1. OOH creates higher impact

Unlike other indoor mediums, outdoor advertising doesn't seek invitation. Outdoor ads are a part of the environment, therefore can't be turned off like TV or radio. The consumer has no control of whether they see it or not. It can achieve more impact for a longer period of time than the consumer may expect.

2. OOH demands attention

Outdoor ads are a standalone platform that doesn't have to compete with other form of ads. Often these are big in size, and thus outdoor ads are visible at both close and large distances. Ads can be very expressive which tend to gain more attention amongst viewers. This advertising medium offered by ad agencies hold greater attention than any other traditional form of marketing

3. Very Cost Effective

Outdoor ads are the most cost efficient ways to reach potential customers. Also, this type of advertising costs an overall of 80 percent less than online advertising, tv advertisements., 60 percent less than print form advertisements and 50 percent less than radio advertising.

4. Larger reach with targeted consumers

Outdoor advertising is fully public and thus gives you access to consumers who can be difficult to reach to. Like youngsters, busy businessmen and low-income consumers may not have access to traditional mediums, so OOH is the best way to reach the targeted customer segments.

5. OOH is a team player in the marketing domain

Outdoor ads can and have been proven, to work best in comparison with other mediums. Advertising techniques and advertising ideas play a major role in the success of a campaign. The impact and reach of outdoor advertising is more and can always remind the customer of the campaign's message whilst being combined with other mediums as well. For instance, on moving transits such as buses or trains, the advertisement with the most illustrative and clear poster will tend to attract more attention than its counterparts.

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