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Check out Four Latest Trends in Digital OOH Advertising


Have you ever realized how much of our day's time we usually spend out of home? Even if it is not possible to exactly evaluate the amount of time spent, we can easily fathom that our lot of time go into traveling from one place to other, thus standing exposed to myriad forms of digital out-of-home (DOOH) media for at least 14 minutes every week. Therefore, there is no reason to wonder at the growing investments in digital outdoor advertising which is bound to grow even further significantly by 2017 with fresh advertising ideas being sought after.

And, who are inducing this growth? Of course, the customers and so they are looking for some emotional and compelling medium which can capture their attention. You will agree to the fact that we as hyper-connected folks always look for some unforgettable experiences which can be shared and discussed in peer groups and it is the urban landscape that offers ample opportunities to businesses through outdoor media for encouraging such interactions amongst the people.

Digital out-of-home advertising, as commonly referred, is one of the best advertising techniques which encompasses a range of screens sizes, shapes and interaction levels which bridge the gaps between the location and context with regard to its appropriateness and favorable recall amongst the target audience. So check out the five latest trends emerging in 2016 in digital OOH advertising:

1. Increase in the opportunities for cross-platform targeting

With the sweeping sway of smartphones and tablets in the current scenario, the proliferation of captivating LED digital screens out-of-home has been increasing. Now interactions with customers take place via latest technological advancements in mobile such as beacons, NFC and other geo-fencing capabilities. These technological advancements enable marketers to personalize their customer's experience and allow immediate action.

2. Increase in location-based advertising

As the number of hours spent outside is increasing continuously, the new and innovative forms of marketing have made the task of reaching out to the location-based audience much easier. How? It is through the use and transfer of big data that customers consume on mobile on a much bigger, higher impact digital screens lead a greater impact on them when they are out of home. In fact, a recent study has shown that it is in public places than at home that people become 41% more open to advertising and 16% more open at workplace/school.

Therefore, as a customer the device you carry with you forms an affinity with your visual experience outdoors and the relevant messages through DOOH increase the value via the big digital screens all over the targeted locations.

3. Creates an exclusive canvas for high-end creativity

There is no experience that DOOH has not shared with the people - from cinema ads, home furniture to live experiences on vehicles and outdoor screens - the ability to spread awareness and harbor impressive results is becoming much easier with DOOH. It offers great opportunities to marketers to target the right audience and create immediate parallels between the location and messaging. Believe it or not, but DOOH carries huge potential for bringing in immediate sales and gather award-winning admiration.

4. DOOH advertising success can be easily evaluated

Identifying the right locations and mobile data sets are providing marketers with novel ways to evaluate attribution in OOH media. Now DOOH advertisers have realized the importance of geo-targeting which equally matters to them as it is to the mobile advertisers. It is through this medium that DOOH advertisers can convey real-time messages which can lead customers to the point of purchase. Thus, your customer's exposure to DOOH messaging has become easier to verify which builds confidence amongst the advertisers to isolate the results of DOOH from other medium of advertising.

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