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Targeted Out of Home(OOH) Advertising

Platomar has researched and market surveyed data of thousands of Points of Presence (PoPs) of businesses to advertise their Brands. These PoPs offer Target Market to define smart Advertising Campaigns based on: Mapped Locations
SEC Consumer Segmentation
Daily Accurate Customer Eyeballs
Maximum Brand Visibility

Targeted Out of Home Advertsing Media on our Platform

Paper Cup Advertising

One of the unconventional means of outdoor advertising, paper cups advertising can easily deliver your marketing message to target your customer audience and connect with them through multiple touch points. Paper Cup is a creative outdoor advertising medium to save costs and leverage the power of your brand to connect with the senses of your target audience.

Grocery Bags & Premium Merchandise

Grocery Bag advertisement or ‘Bagvertising’ is a unique and creative advertising technique to use grocery bags and premium merchandise to showcase a brand and reach target audience. This type of advertising and marketing captures real public in a truly personalized way and offers high recall value at competitive prices.

Displays and Standees

Display and Standees are a great medium of outdoor media for business marketing. With their versatility and ability to grab immediate attention of target customer segments, displays and standees can have a huge impact on your sales and advertising while increasing brand awareness amongst audiences at affordable costs.

Distribution of Flyers, Leaflets, Cards, etc

A proven medium of print advertising for outdoor advertising and brand promotion, flyers and leaflets are easy to print, distribute and market your business effectively and reach the target audience quickly. With the right amount of information about your product or services, your brand can improve its visibility and attract potential customers easily.

Carry bags and Shopping Bags

An effective and unique outdoor advertising medium, Carry Bags and Shopping Bags are perfect for creating a buzz around your brand without being stationary and immobile. Carry bags and shopping bags advertising is a cost effective medium of interactive mobile advertising for your target customer segments who are always on the move.

Transit Media

Transit Media Advertising and Marketing has the clear advantage of reaching maximum number of target customer segments in a short span. As it delivers a varied audience, you can leverage the power of mobility and transit media to promote your brand and have exclusivity in your competitive space with innovative designs and size flexibility.

Cup Advertising

Pop Your Advertising Campaign

25+ Localities across Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida

We are constantly increasing our presence in multiple cities, identifying unique points for advertisements.

2500+ Points of Presence (PoPs)

An established network of PoPs, ranging from Tea Stalls, Kirana Stores, etc to display your advertisements.

1.4 Million Ad Views per Day

A Unique and measureable insight to your outdoor advertisement campaign, with assure target customers for your brand or product promotion.

Advertising Medium - Why Cups?


Visual Triggers

Imprints Memories Invoke Emotions Repeat Views


More ad viewing time Handheld by Customers Direct Reach based on Market Segmentation

Out of Home Advertisement Media Comparison

OOH Media

The following table show that Platomar's targeted OOH advertisement out does other medias like outdoor advertisements media like Hoardings or billboards or print ads like newspaper advertising, magazine ads or pamphlet distribution. It is more effective, with lower costs compared to TV Ad, Radio commercials.

  • Criteria

    • Exposure Time
    • Brand Recall
    • Costs
    • Customer Targeting
    • Location Targeting
    • Tracking
    • Effectiveness Measurement
    • Wastage
    • Ordering Process
  • Platomar’s Targeted OOH

    Cups, Polybags, Paperbags
    • 3-7 Minutes
    • Highest
    • Low
    • Yes (Gender, Age, Profession, etc)
    • Yes (Locality, Landmarks , etc)
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • <10%
    • Simple At our portal
  • Distribution

    Pamphlets, Newspaper, Magazine
    • < 50 secs
    • Medium to Low
    • High
    • No
    • No
    • No
    • Difficult
    • > 50%
    • Somewhat complex Involves multiple Vendors
  • Display

    Hoardings, Digital Displays, Banners
    • <30 secs
    • Low
    • Highest
    • No
    • No
    • No
    • Difficult
    • >70%
    • Complex Requires outsourcing to Ad agencies
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Platomar's Unique 3R Approach


We survey and research the untapped Marketing and Advertising Avenues.


A blend of Industry knowledge and Networked POP’s to fabricate advertising ideas and strategy.


Distribution network backed with technology advancement to keep a check on outcomes of ad posting.


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