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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

# General

Q. I have a small business, how can Platomar help me spread my brand awareness?

Yes of course! Platomar is a unique platform for marketing and any company whether big or small can get benefitted from our advertising campaigns. Ours is a faster, easy and cost-effective method. With a budget as low as 10k to a few lakhs, our expert team members can design an impressive campaign to give your brand a great recall value amongst the target audience at various tea stalls, food hubs, corporate, etc. so that people can focus on your brand with a free mind.

There is no reason to doubt that our team work proactively to strengthen your brand image amongst the hoards of other brands.

Q. Do you provide Design services too?

Yes, with great pleasure we also involve ourselves in designing services for our esteemed clients as we do understand that the success of your outdoor marketing campaign is highly dependent upon a good design which can capture the attention of the people.

Therefore, to begin with our company identifies marks that best convey the origin and ownership and give you a core corporate identity. Our designs are thought provoking that strengthen your brand image to help generate desired response from the people and give you an edge over your competitors. There are three types of logo designs which are very trending at present:

1. Iconic/Symbolic

Immediately recognizable

Much Clarity


Descriptive in nature, be it abstract or concrete

2. Wordmark/Logotype

Unique font treatment

Thousands of variations in styles, symbols, letters and characters

Easy to recognize

Great visual effect

3. Combination Marks

Graphical with both symbols and texts

Provides supplemental quality to symbol or icon

Q. Do you carry out On-Line advertisements/Digital Marketing?

Yes! Besides, outdoor campaigning we have carved a niche for ourselves in digital marketing where we do brands promotion through various methods and techniques, namely Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Management (SMM), Online PR, etc. We provide a thorough SEO audit for your website to help you get good listing on Google page ranking, Bing and other search engine tools. You can also avail our corporate SEO packages to catapult your site to the top search engine rankings.

Our another tool is Social Media Management (SMM) which is extremely beneficial for both small and big firms looking to effectively track comments, feedbacks, responses of potential audience on various social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. We engage with your audience, given them timely replies and upgrade the products on the basis of demand model to gain higher sales pitch.

Online PR yet another powerful tool helps businesses to create a thriving brand presence by reaching out to a larger target audience and that to while sitting at one place. While it is not possible to maintain relationship building exercise through offline modes, our online PR services help you gain a much deserved spotlight amongst your target customers.

Q. We are an ad agency, can we work with Platomar?

At Platomar, we deliver all advertising services one expects from a business marketing firm, which means everything right from strategizing campaigns for outdoor advertisements to implementing it successfully. Besides making your voice heard to your various clients, our experienced professionals are also expert at giving creative directions, designing customized out-of-home campaigns to communicate to your clients why they should buy your services, etc.

We also perform campaign monitoring to help you evaluate the difference between the marketing services that we deliver and what is produced by the other marketing firms. So get in touch with us and with the best of planning and management transform your ad agency into a market leader.

Q. What is the process of advertising on cups through Platomar ?

It is a simple process to provide hassle free service to Platomar clients:

Our marketing executive will visit you and gain an in-depth understanding of your advertisement needs and expected outcomes.

The said executive will then register you as our portal and place an order on your behalf.

As the next step our design team will get in touch with you to learn about your business requirements and design preferences for the advert.

The design team will then present you 2-3 options, specifically custom designed for you, to choose from.

Once you approve the design, an order will be placed and the printing process will take nearly 15-20 days.

As soon as the printing is done the distribution team will start the field work of distributing the cups in the zones of your preference.

Q. How does one monitor that 100% of the cups are delivered ?

Platomar team considers transparency and honesty as the most crucial elements of business ethics. Therefore, we pride ourselves for not only quality in product delivery, but for immaculate service delivery as well.

Our distribution system is well planned and documented. The numbers of cups distributed are logged on our portal daily, which can be accessed by you to check and track performance.

Q. Can an advertiser change the Geo targeting of the campaign ?


Making your business a success is our motto and in the process providing you a comfortable interactive experience is our endeavour.

Hence, we offer you the flexibility to change and alter the zone or location targeting for an ongoing campaign. To ensure a smooth transition we just need one week lead time to halt an ongoing distribution process and make alternate plans for new target locations.



# Cups

Q. What is cup advertisement?

Tea time attracts discussion, as it is the time when the mind is free and ready to explore new ideas. What could be better than having your trademark the centre of attention at this juncture to stimulate a chat?

The concept of cup advertisement is to have your logo and name printed on tea cups used at tea stalls and food outlets. Through cup advertisement we will get your advert right in the hands of the target audience, six inches from their eyes and for duration of full five minutes if not more.

Q. What type of business segments can advertise using cups?

Any business type – Small, SME or Big enterprise can leverage our unique proposition.

Advertising on cups is a very economical method as the starting price of a small cup is just Rs 1.75.

We will design a campaign for you based on your geographical location and product type targeting specific and high impact zones.

Our marketing experts will monitor the success of the campaign and assess the results using our assessment tools.

Since, every cup will find its way into a prospective customers hand your business will get maximum publicity with minimum wastage.

Q. What type of ads and information can be displayed on cups?

Businesses dealing in electronics, real estate, insurance, FMCG, or be it hotels, restaurants, education institutes or even start ups can make use of cup advertising.

We aim at:

Creating brand awareness for your business to ensure brand recognition and brand recall.

Increasing word of mouth potential of your brand through buzz marketing

Aiding product promotion to get your product in view of the public and at the same time attract new customers.

Placing your adverts at events

Attracting attention to your brand at movie launches.

Being sales focused to ensure product association and image marketing.

Q. Can I advertise grocery store or restaurant brand on cups? What all information can I display?

You can advertise grocery store, restaurant brand, retail, educational institute, health services, building services, fast food joints and much more on our cup advertising.

You can display your logo, punch line, location and contact details on the cup.

For e.g.: In case you are a restaurant looking for buzz creation, the name of your restaurant, logo, location, contact details and your signature dish or its picture (depending on the size of the cup) can be printed on the cup. If you would like to highlight some discounts, free home delivery and combos, then these details can also be incorporated in the relevant manner.

Q. Does Platomar help/assist in design of logo and ad design for cups?

Yes, our design and marketing experts will discuss with you to understand your brand and your requirements to create the best logo and ad designs which will help your business derive the maximum benefit of cup advertising.

You can pick and choose from various options of single colour, two colours and multi-colour designing. Our specialists will assist you to decide which designing alternative will be best suited to your advertising campaign depending on your target audience and geographical location.

Your success is our success and so our committed team of professionals aim to give you the best advertising services from scratch.

# OOH - Out-of-Home Marketing

Q. What is OOH?

Most people spend almost 50% of their time outside their homes be it at work, academic institutions, shopping, travelling or just hanging out. While they are in transit, the mind is least occupied and open to imbibe everything from the environment. This is where a smart marketing team should leverage the power of OOH, Out-of-Home Marketing.

OOH are marketing efforts that reach customers outside their homes when they are on the move, which could be on the road, bus stops, train stations, retail venues, food outlets and parks etc.

This kind of advertising is very engaging as you can position your brand in a setting of your choice where it is most relevant. OOH marketing can reach a mass audience with lower cost per thousand.

Q. What is targeted OOH ?

When you target your adverts to prospective consumers based on demographic and economic characteristics, then it is targeted OOH.

Based on your product type, you can target audiences who are more likely to use your merchandise or service through geo-demographic targeting solutions. This can also be done by collecting information through online browsing activity and target the prospective consumers online. In this manner you can focus marketing at locations that are frequented by your target audience based on geo-demography and online activity.

For e.g.: In case you are an educational institute that prepares students for various entrance exams then we will market your cup adverts to tea vendors and food outlets which are frequented by senior secondary school students or under graduate students.

Q. What are the challenges of targeted OOH ?

Challenges of targeted OOH:

Portable technology like, phones, tabs and other digital devices deflect attention and may lead to missing adverts.

A very high volume of targeted OOH can confuse and overwhelm the targeted audience.

Measuring the ROI on targeted OOH is a challenge for most companies as they use old and not so efficient methods and tools.

Most organizations lose the advantage when it comes to campaign monitoring and efficacy measurement, which in turn does not give the client advertiser a true picture of the effectiveness of the campaign.

At Platomar we keep a track of campaign performance and offer you tools to be able to monitor the campaign yourself and metrics to measure its effectiveness and benchmark results against other media.

Q. What are the different avenues of OOH ?

OOH marketing can be done through four main mediums, namely- billboards, street furniture, transits and alternatives.

Billboards – One of the most traditional forms of OOH advertising has been billboards. They are still in vogue and have moved a notch higher technically with the incorporation of digital billboards.

Street Furniture – Advertising through street furniture like telephone booths, bus shelters and news racks is very rampant in urban locations.

Transit – Placing an advert on things that can move and constitute transit advertising, such as buses, metro, trains, taxis and trucks. Electronic and static advertising at airports, platforms and bus stations also fall under this category.

Alternatives – Alternatives include aerial, brochure, postcard and cup advertising which are more creative and targeted.

# Payment

Q. What is the payment process ?

To go ahead with the advertising campaign the payment has to be 100% in advance as we need to honour our team and network of business professionals who ensure quality delivery and timely execution. The network includes external vendors like raw material providers, manufacturers and printers; and our distribution channel team.

Moreover, the entire process starting from procurement of raw material to manufacturing and printing process demand full advance payment and we prefer to carry out a smooth start to finish procedure without any glitches, especially due to avoidable circumstances.

Q. What are the payment options?

We only accept payments through following modes.


1. Cheque in the name of - Better Thought Solutions LLP

2. Bank Transfer to Organization account.





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