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It is often the first impression that shapes or tears down a brand's image among the customers.

We understand, advertising is an integral and the most critical part of the marketing strategy for any organization, which strives to maintain a competitive edge in showcasing its products and services and building a stronger, bigger brand. With the shift towards digital marketing, organization have to deal with multitude of avenues for advertising their brands, along with the outdoor advertising or as we say in the ad world Out of Home advertisement. OOH advertisements still remain the front runner for Brand establishment and promotion and has witnessed tremendous growth and innovation in advertising media types, besides the traditional billboards and hoardings ads.

We at Platomar simply want to, bring in the technology and process blocks to streamline the entire experience of outdoor media advertising for businesses to reap maximum measurable benefits for their advertisement campaigns.

Who We Are ?

Platomar is a Better Thinking enterprise (part of Better Thought Solutions LLP)

thriving to bring the best of technology, in the competitive business environment to simplify complex, traditional form of outdoor marketing and advertising strategies, technologies and processes.

We provide the platform for your Brand to reach out to your targeted customer, with lowest of costs.

what we do ?

Platomar offers you a platform where you can not only leave a strong imprint on the consumers’ minds, but also give a wide appeal to your brand. We offer platform, tools and unique advertising media types for you to promote your Brands, products & services. Platomar gives you new advertising ideas to design creative ads through various media types which are in alignment to your targeting in marketing approach.

Platomar offers ad agency services in terms of building brand promotion strategies, identifying outdoor distribution media advertisements on paper cups, paper bags, polybags, etc. We help organization to create media plan for target market and end to end monitoring of the ad campaign through our technology platform.

We offer knowledge sections to assist organizations to get creative design ideas from various media vehicles and even show case works of designers.

You would find we certainly a cost efficient and prompt advertising tool where reaching out to your target audience directly and gaining the center of attention all the time becomes much easier unlike traditional mediums of marketing, such as television and radio ads where brand advertisements usually tend to get overlooked by the people. This is precisely why we bring to you this excellent promotional tool where multitude of businesses and everyday retailers can obtain a high brand exposure.

Our Services : Branding & Advertising

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy Development

Brand Promotion

Media Planning

Market Analysis

Target Market Analysis & Research

Creatives Designing

Branding & Style guides

Print Ads designing

Ad Design Optimization per Media

Advertisements & Promotion

Product Promotion

Brand Outreach Campaigns

Brand Amplification

Brand Recall

Campaign Analytics

Campaign Monitoring

Location Targeting & Analysis

Brand & Campaign Surveys

Ad Campaign Insights





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